The GEKCO conservancy is characterised by large open plots and numerous wetlands which support the local wildlife. Over the years, a large variety of different species have been recorded in the area.

Urbanisation has modified large portions of the landscape but, fortunately, there are still a few areas where wildlife can successfully live and reproduce. Many wetlands cross the conservancy and these support a high biodiversity of animal life and act as wildlife corridors. Many animals use these corridors to move between open areas to find food, mates or new territories.

Ever increasing pressure from development has seen a decrease in some of the more sensitive species in the area such as the South African Hedgehog and African Grass Owl, please be very careful when driving through the area and report any sightings of unusual species to Biodiversity@gekco.co.za so that we can do our best to better understand and protect the unique ecology of the conservancy.

Species Lists:

Click on the links below for a complete guide to the flora and fauna that occur in the Greater Kyalami Conservancy.



Resource Documents:

·       See if you have a wetland on your property – Click Here

·       Gauteng C-plan 3.3

·       SA’s National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan


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