Did you know this area is under threat!

There is a proposed construction of a major road (the K56) through Glenferness and Kyalami.  If this goes ahead it has the potential to destroy the equestrian industry & the rural lifestyle in this area as we know it.  This road not only negatively impacts the very important wetlands but also negatively impacts on a whole community and all the small animals that seek refuge here.  If this road is built through this area it will change the lives of this community and will within a few years totally decimate the area and its unique character.   It will severely impact on the ecology, economy and social structure of the area.  Within a few years this area will be just another built up area  of badly planned urban sprawl crammed full of town houses, shops and businesses.”.
Background on the proposed road:

The K56 has been a proposed road for more than 30 years but it has never been proclaimed. Recently the provincial authority, under pressure from developers, has declared that a small section of the K56 has become necessary to service large developments outside of the Kyalami area, namely the Steyn City development along William Nichol and the Helderfontein Development by Century Properties.
The K56 road is planned from William Nicol (just north of Dainfern)  and transverses through the middle of Glenferness and joins up with Main Road at Zinnia Road up to Maple Road.
The impact

Kyalami/Glenferness forms part of the GECKO conservancy. This area has one of the largest and most viable equestrian industries in the southern hemisphere, providing thousands of jobs directly as well as indirectly
We are all very aware that development breeds development!  Once these roads are built the equine industry here that is estimated to be in the region of R800 million will be decimated.  Horses riders will give up riding or move away as no one in their right mind wants to ride a horse anywhere near a major road with fast moving traffic.   As this happens more development will occur until once again we are just an area of townhouses, office blocks and businesses.
The equestrian industry provides a massive amount of employment – thousands of horse grooms who have no other skills work and live in this area supporting their family members.  Stable erectors, paddock and arena builders, farriers and a substantial number of vets, the Lipizzaner Centre, the Gauteng horse society, riding schools, feed merchants and saddlery shops and all their employees are all under threat of job loss!

The impact on our small animals

Did you know that on the 19th April at the entrance to Mcgilvray and Main Road (near Leeukop Prison) in Glenferness there was a black backed jackal that was run over by a vehicle?  This would be a weekly occurrence with the K56 road anywhere through the Kyalami area with jackal, mongoose, genet, porcupine, bullfrogs, terrapins, hares etc being decimated.  We estimate that we lose 2 jackal a year due to road deaths on the main roads boudering the conservancy.  We lose countless bullfrogs as well every year after heavy rains on the main roads.  While they may not all be red data species they have been home to this area for many, many years and to see them decimated one by one because of development and especially roads is heart breaking to say the least!
How you can help

This fight is NOT about a road – this fight is about a WHOLE COMMUNITY and all it stands for.
YOU can make a difference NOW.  Help save Kyalami and its neighbouring areas by signing the petition.

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