Grassland Conservation in Midrand: managing our shrinking heritage

early morning dew

We held a very succesful Grassland Conference – thanks go to Alan Short for his initiative!

Fire in grasslands
Mike Panagos of the Tshwane University of Technology discussed the ecological role of fire in grasslands, as well as the legal and practical issues around burning

Conservation of small animals
Vincent Carruthers, author of Frogs and Frogging in Southern Africa and The Wildlife of Southern Africa, discussed how best to manage the land to look after the smaller birds, reptiles and mammals, and in particular grass-dwelling animals

Wetland management
John Dini of Working for Wetlands, addressed the questions of what is the ecological role of wetlands in a developed environment, and what are the ecological and legal consequences of poor wetland management?

Sustainable building practice
Alastair Armstrong from In Synch Sustainable Technologies talked about: What is embodied energy? What sustainable options are there for building in the 21st Century?

Saving our Wetlands: