Do you own or ride horses? Your input is vital. Recently Gekco investigated the possibility of using a precinct plan to create a long term agreement with the City of Joburg to protect the Greater Kyalami Conservancy area and the horses that live within its boudaries. GEKCO and the Residents Associations in this area are working together towards formulating a precinct plan.

Why do we need a precinct plan?

As residents in the area we have watched developers shaping the boundaries and character of our area. The periphery of the GEKCO area is under constant threat for development and is moved depending on this development power rather than sound town planning principles which include the need for this conservancy and combating urban sprawl and all its nasty consequences. We want a proactive approach to protecting the integrity of the area – the open space, equestrian industry, and overall rural character. Johannesburg City Council has not properly defined, possibly not understood the challenges and needs specific to our area. A precinct plan is an opportunity to give the information needed to the City of Joburg and to set the guidelines for future development.

For example the City of Joburg recognizes the equestrian industry, but does not define what the equestrian industry is, what its needs are or what is a threat to the industry and should therefore not be allowed.

The precinct plan will define what is acceptable or not and will strengthen our commitment to retaining the character of the area. We hope to clarify the boundaries and acceptable land uses within the conservancy which would ensure longer term protection outside of the Urban Development Boundary. This will then form council policy if accepted.

We Need Your Input!

Our input is vital in this process as we will be defining what the permitted land uses are.

GEKCO will be gathering information for an “Equine needs survey” i.e. what horses and an equestrian industry need to live sustainably in a semi urban environment. The results of the survey will be presented to the City of Joburg in order to gain their understanding of why we continue to need open space, quiet roads and little noise in order for the area to flourish.

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