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Would you like your property included in the Greater Kyalami Conservancy? 


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Would you like to be included in the Conservancy?


Why be included in the Conservancy?
The Greater Kyalami area is approximately 1300 agricultural properties on the northern border of Joburg; rich in wetlands and biodiversity, one of the last remaining green lungs in the city, loved by equestrians and outdoor enthusiasts.  Land owners have a unique opportunity to preserve this area while assisting Gauteng to meet targets to reduce climate change and protect biodiversity.  Many equestrian businesses rely on this area, contributing more than R1 Billion annually to the economy and creating employment for hundreds of skilled people.  As proven in Dinokeng and Bishops Court, retaining large properties can generate tourism, recreation and increased property values.

What does GEKCO do?
Sustainability     Works with authorities to highlight the environmental and equestrian sensitivities of the area
Promotes resource efficient technology advising land owners on how sustainable development can be achieved
Awareness        Snare clean up days, river clean ups, educational talks and newsletters
Conservation    Promotes the protection of wetlands, wildlife corridors and open space for equestrian and recreational purpose
Collaboration   Works with authorities, Residents’ Associations and neighbouring communities:

Diepsloot recycling cooperative, environmental groups and business forums, initiated discussions for cycle lanes on William Nicol with developers, authorities and cycling community

Research             Studies the ecology of the Kyalami area with wetland specialists, ecologists and organisations such as the Endangered Wildlife Trust and Gauteng Conservancy Association

Does the Conservancy place restrictions on my property?
No, City by-laws and environmental legislation place restrictions on properties.  These apply whether you are included in a Conservancy or not.

Can GEKCO represent my property if it is included?
As a property owner, your rights supersede any organisation unless you give a signed power of attorney to another person or organisation to represent your individual property rights.  GEKCO makes representation on behalf of itself, the organisation and encourages land owners to make individual representations.  GEKCO’s representation does therefore not override your individual right to comment and represent yourself.


Thank you,


The GEKCO Committee