Tour of Greater Kyalami for Retail Africa and Bokomoso:

Beaulieu Prep students protesting about the proposed mall

Over the past two years one of GEKCO’s key roles has been monitoring developers to ensure that they are meeting their environmental obligations. In order to take a more constructive and proactive role, GEKCO recently hosted Retail Africa and Bokomoso on a tour of greater Kyalami. Retail Africa and Bokomoso have bought 17 hectares on the south-western corner of Main Rd (P70) and the R55 (opposite Beaulieu Prep) on which they are proposing developing a shopping mall. Recognising strong opposition among local residents to yet another shopping mall in an area whose retail needs are already over-catered for, GEKCO’s objective was to introduce them to the greater Kyalami area, its diversity and strengths, highlighting the equine industry and the equestrian lifestyle.