Rubble rouser at festival- 29 October 2013

BLUE HILLS – Kyalami residents said they have had enough of social events that take place in the Greater Kyalami Conservancy.ns43bluehills3

The Delicious Food and Wine Festival held at Century Property Developments Blue Hills Equestrian Estate on 5 and 6 October, caused anger among residents after waste from the event was only completely removed on 25 October.

Chairperson of the Greater Kyalami Conservancy, Kristen Kallesen said the event’s organisers were aware of the impact that the waste could cause. “Members of the Sun Valley Residents Association met with the event organisers, VWV Massive prior to the event and the issue of noise and the impact it would have on residents and wildlife were raised.”

Vice-chairman of the conservancy Mandy Collins said, “The event organisers did not responsibly remove the waste that was left after the event. We met with the event organisers VWV and highlighted the environmental sensitivities in this area, and introduced our conservancy partnership with the Diepsloot Recycling Buyback Centre.

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