Illegal Hunting

Illegal Hunting

The City of Joburg bylaws address the issue of illegal hunting and the harming of wildlife.

Perpetrators can be arrested by Midrand SAPS and charged under the Public Open Space By-laws. (Published under Notice No 831 in Gauteng Provincial Gazette Extraordinary  No 179 Dated 21 May 2004)

Offence Code 112213  Section 16(1)(e) No person may:

Capture or attempt to capture, chase, shoot at, or injure, throw objects act, tease, molest or in any other way disturb any animal fish or bird.

Fine – R1000

In the event of SAPS needing assistance with regard to formulating the charges, they are more than welcome to contact any Environmental Health Peace Officer, including any JMPD official,  within Region A.

The perpetrators can receive a  R1000 spot fine and any dogs used for hunting impounded by the SPCA according to the law.