Green Corridors

Green Corridors


The Greater Kyalami Conservancy (GEKCO) has been working to protect the area for years. Despite all our hard work, developers continue to threaten the survival of the conservancy as each piece of natural environment becomes fragmented and degraded in favour of unsustainable development.

Each year the problem gets worse as illegal or unwanted developments continue to get approved despite objections from the residents who depend on the open space to support their country lifestyle. With each development comes the risk that the ecosystems, that support such high levels of biodiversity, could collapse.

In our best effort to stop this happening before it is too late, we have begun planning a biodiversity conservation strategy which involves establishing ecological or biodiversity corridors that extend throughout the conservancy, ensuring that the ecosystems can continue to function and wildlife will be able to survive.

Our vision is that these ‘Green’ corridors will not only be for wildlife but also for people. By creating large connected open spaces, residents and visitors to the area can utilize these natural areas for outdoor recreation and environmental education. We want these corridors to be valued by the community because they offer places to ride horse and bicycles as well as creating opportunities for schools to teach kids about the environment which we depend on. We want people to be able to enjoy being outside and appreciating nature while still living within the city.

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