Owl Talk:

an owl at the talk

Jonathan Haw of EcoSolutions operates the Urban Owl Box Project and Raptor Centre at Broederstroom. The hissing basket that he carried in with him contained a very inquisitive and friendly three and half week old Spotted Eagle Owl which had been rescued and brought to the centre. Jonathan gave a highly entertaining and informative talk which will be written up in detail in the next Kyalami Country News. Please do not use rat poison in the GEKCO area. Rather encourage owls by having a few owl boxes on your property. Not only will you keep the rat population down but you will also help to preserve these precious birds that help us in such amazing ways. Owls breed, and their young are ready to be independent after about a month. This would greatly increase the dwindling population of owls in the area. Besides eagle owls we also have grass owls which are a red data species and are protected. They live in the grass in wetland areas. Another great reason to look after our wetlands