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No to large Music Events at Riversands / Diepsloot Skills Hub

No to large Music Events at Riversands / Diepsloot Skills Hub

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The Diepsloot Skills Hub was built with public funds to provide skills upliftment for Diepsloot Residents.  Now it is being promoted as a music venue for commercial gain.  At no time was this discussed during the public participation with Diepsloot and Kyalami.  Surrounding residents have regularly objected to large outdoor music events as this is a quiet, rural residential area and Conservancy.

Please respect the wishes of residents and find another venue built for the Space Ibiza on 29 November.  The ampitheatre at the Skills Hub should only be used for educational purposes as this is how it was promoted to residents.

Please sign the petition below: Once you have signed, your name will be submitted to us, and will also appear in the list below. Don’t worry, if you choose to add your contact details, they will not show up below. Your privacy is important to us.

List of signees:

S M Bacon ? - Kyalami
AdamsRobUB AdamsRobUB - Paris
Elaine Ashton - Kyalami AH
AKllKltpoLBgfdhmhi ATqWHELjmPDfwSUoor - TqPBcxEmJkxDLjQJcB
Dave Barrow - Kyalami AH Ext 1
Karen Bohme - Kyalami AH Ext 1
Kenneth Boyce - Knoppieslaagte, Diepsloot
Simon Bradahaw - Glenferness
Simon Bradshaw - Glenferness
Alwina Brand - Blue Hills AH
Bob Bromfield - Olivedale
Keith Bush - Glen Ferness
Sue Carlin - Kyalami AH
anne Casey - Saddlebrook Kyalami
Phanuel Chauke - Diepsloot
Lawrence Clark - Kyalami
Linda van Sottert Cleaning - Krugersdorp West
Adrian Clegg - Glenferness
Mandy Collins - Sun valley and tenant in the hub
Alasdair Condie - Blue hills country estate
Andrew Dawson - Kyalami AH
Mike De freitas - Bridle Park
Rick Dekker - Glenferness
Derek Franks Derek Franks - Kyalami
diepsloot Diepsloot - diepsloot
M Dond - Crowthorne
Fiona du Toit - Glenferness
Stephen du Toit - Glenferness
Bradley du Toit - Glenferness
Jacqueline Ehrlich - Bridle Park
ObAGPYda ExPtoJrSmrLRthY - yKxefiUdBDNR
john gilfoy - bluehills
Charné Gillespie - Randpark Ridge
Richard Gllyn - Glenferness
Terry-Anne Graham - Lonehill
Julie Hannah - Glenferness
Audrey harding Harding - Beaulieu
Susan Hattingh - Kyalami A.H.
Denis Hewartson - Glenferness
Karen Heydenrych - Glenferness
annah hlokwa - river sand farm compound
julia Hlokwa - River Sand Farm Compound
Selvy Hlokwa - River Sand Farm Compound
kgomotso hlokwa - River Sand Farm Compound
Linda Horsfield - Lonehill
Katherine Houghton - Glenferness
Lindsay Howe - Melville
Kim Hugh Hughes - diepsloot
deidre Hughes - diepsloot
Nicolene Jansen van Vuuren - Lonehill
Wynand Jansen van Vuuren - Glenferness
Pat Jarvie - Vorna Valley
Christopher Francis Jooste - Kyalami AH
Brett Judnick - Kyalami AH
Tracy Judnick-Jooste - Kyalami AH
Kristin Kallesen - Saddlebrook
Patrick KayeLast Name - Sun Valley
Penny Keene - Kyalami AH
Antony Keene - Kyalami AH
bridget kelly - Beaulieu
Jessica Kloeck - Kyalami AH EXT 1
Mercia Komen - Rhenosterspruit Nature Conservancy
Tanya Kuhlmann - Treesbank
Lance Lasersohn - Saddlebrook, Kyalami
Paula Lasersohn - Saddlebrook, Kyalami
Patricia Lehle - Kyalami
Roy Lindemann - Stone River, Beverley
Mike Lloyd - Saddlebrook Estate, Kyalami
Alphious Lobeko - Diepsloot
itumeleng lungu - River Sand Farm Compound
martha mabaso - River Sand Farm Compound
Ruth Maela - River Sand Farm Compound
Godfrey Maje - River Sand Farm Compound
Godfrey Maje - River Sand Farm Compound
Godfrey Maje - River Sand Farm
Linah Maje - River Sand Compound
tumelo maje - river sand farm compound
brian maje - river sand farm compound
thato maje - river sand farm compound
ethel maje - River Sand Farm Compound
eunice maje - River Sand Farm Compound
norris malijali - River Sand Farm Compound
fiona markham - kyalami ah
glenda markham - kyalami ah
mike markham - kyalami ah
fiona markham - kyalami AH
glenda markham - kyalami AH
Mike markham - kyalami AH
Vanessa Marks - Kyalami
thuthi maseko - Riverside View
earnie mathiane - River Sand Farm Compound
james mathiane - River Sand Farm Compound
batolo meyo mbewe - River Sand Farm Compound
Colin McLellan - Saddlebrook, Kyalami
isaiah mehlape - River Sand Farm Compound
Melinda Rennie Melinda Rennie - Saddlebrook Estate
buyi Melody - Riverside View
Kate Meyer - Sunvalley
Takis Michalakis - Glenferness
Joanna Molyneux-Killik - Treesbank
Lerato Monama - Diepsloot
Sue Moore Moore - Kyalami AH
Gerda Mouton - Glenferness
palesa mthembu - River Sand Farm Compound
Bernard Mulauzi - Diepsloot
Pamela Murison - Midrand
Raam Naicker - Glen Austin
ePjkznQbvIQTwWQJea neoRiaKv - jIUbhFjhHKzlMYqMXiL
Simone Newman - Kyalami AH
Lucky Villah Nkali - Diepsloot no. K'phela
Lucky Villah Nkali - Diepsloot no.7 k'phela
fannie nkhoma - River Sand Farm Compound
fannie nkhoma - River Sand Farm Compound
maria du toit no to large music events - Randburg
Greg Nottingham - Ferndale
Carmen Nottingham - Beaulieu
Gregory Nottingham - Ferndale
ostvbk@nwwvvj.com ostvbk@nwwvvj.com - ostvbk@nwwvvj.com
Ines Park - Kyalami
Philip Park - Kyalami A.H.
Dobek Pater - Kyalami AH Ext.1
Dobek Pater - Kyalami AH Ext.1
Khanya Peacock - Glenferness
Kevin Pickup - Beaulieu
Joan Pickup - Beaulieu
Sue Poriazis - Broadacres
Mike Potts - Carlswald
Melinda Rennie - Saddlebrook Estate
Keith Reynolds - Bridle Park
Markus Ringel - Melville
Gillian Nicholetts Kyalami Riversands - Kyalami
Richard Rix - Glenferness
Michael Schaefer - Johannesburg
elias setjie - River Sand Farm Compound
Ethel Sleith - Kensington
Jaco Smit - Beaulieu, midrand
Johan Smith - Fourways
Wendy Steven-Jennings - Sun Valley (Witpoort 406-JR)
cristina Steven-Jennings - sun valley
Julie Suddaby - Bridle Park
GNjjUIqgqnQXbq SVoOtumimcppsSlaqJZ - LbvKwZdcb
Suzanne van Bavel - Glenferness
Heloise Van Beerschoten - Kyalami
Demi van Breda - Kyalami
Andrea van den Berg - Beaulieu Country Estate
Jennifer van den Bussche - North Riding
Debbie van Niekerk - Kyalami AH
Darryl van Niekerk - Kyalami AH
Deena van Niekerk - Kyalami AH
bryan verpoort - diepsloot
Shelley Voigt - Blue Hills
Shelley Voigt - Midrand
susan warring - kyalami
Kevin Watson - Beaulieu/Blue Hills A/H
claire welsh - Glenferness
Charles Wheeler - Saddlebrook, Kyalami
Nico & Mary-Ann van Staden Wild life and nature first - Saddlebrook Estate
Mandy Williams - Glenferness
mandy williams williams - Glenferness
Wendy Wilson - Glenferness
Dudley Wilson - Glenferness
Lindsay Wilson - Glenferness
Mark Wilson - Glenferness
Darren Wilson - Glenferness
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