Residents of Kyalami – the power is in your hands! What do you want to see for the future of our area?GEKCO Header EquineSa 4

Date: Saturday 11 October

Time: 08h30 – 11h00

Venue: Cherry Country Lodge – 56 Pine Road, Kyalami A.H.


The purpose of this session is to give an update on the status of development in the area, provide feedback from meetings held with Council and the Provincial roads department and to identify current issues affecting residents and businesses from the agricultural holdings of Kyalami, Glenferness, Beaulieu, Sun Valley, Treesbank, Bridle Park and Blue Hills.  All interested parties are welcome to attend.  This session is being organised by the Greater Kyalami Conservancy and participating Residents’ Associations, however you need not be a member of GEKCO or Residents’ Association to attend or give input.Andrew Barker, development consultant and town planner will be facilitating a discussion to give input into the development planning in the Kyalami area.  Mr. Barker conducted a scoping session in 2013 which gave input into the City of Joburg’s Community Development Planning process.  Groups were established to investigate issues such as provincial roads and specific ‘hot spot’ issues.

Bishop’s Court – a model for Kyalami?
Rosemary Sandison, (property valuation and town planning background) will give a presentation on her experience in Bishop’s Court Cape Town in the 1970’s and how they maintained large properties in spite of immense surrounding Urban development pressures. In the process establishing one of the most unique and valuable property areas in Cape Town.

Your input is vital!
Please register by sending an email to if you would like to attend, or if you would like to receive feedback from the meeting.

If you are unable to attend the session and would like to submit input you may send comments to  Please indicate full name and address or suburb.   All comments will be included in the participation process.   For further information please contact Kristin