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Your equine business is threatened

Your equestrian related business is under threat!
Continued development pressure and moving of the Urban Development Boundary has put the conservancy, the wetlands and the equestrian industry in this area under severe threat
The K56 road planned through Glenferness will destroy or negatively impact 40 properties.The construction of this road will severely impact on the ecology, economy and social structure of the area. Results of the March 2008 Equine Survey of the Greater Kyalami Area undertaken by GEKCO shows that the total capital investment invested in this area is close to R800million.
Any road development of this nature in this area will decimate the horse industry.
We are all very aware that development breeds development!  Once these roads are built the equine industry here will be decimated.  Horses riders will give up riding or move away as no one in their right mind wants to ride a horse anywhere near a major road with fast moving traffic.   As this happens more development will occur until yes once again we are just an area of townhouses, office blocks and businesses.
If you employ horse grooms or erect stables, paddock fencing, arenas, own a riding school or saddler shop, are a riding instructor or a vet or a feed merchant you WILL be directly affected.
We need your input
Please fill in the IMPACT STATEMENT form – we need the following information
1.    Name of business
2.    Type of business
3.    How many people your business employs
4.    Type of employment
5.    Estimated cost of infrastructure that you have invested in the area
6.    What will the impact be on your business financially if this area is developed?
7.    What will the impact be on your business from an employment perspective if this area is developed?
8.    Anything else that you would like to add