Human Rights Day – Raising awareness and working together for a better community in Diepsloot

Environmental groups in Diepsloot, Bontle ke Tlhago and WASSUP hosted an awareness day amongst residents of Extension 1 to highlight the right to a protected, healthy environment.

Bontle ke Tlhago is a recycling cooperative operating the Diepsloot Recycling Buyback Centre. They led participants in a street clean up and pointed out all of the recyclables that can be reclaimed. Many passersby enquired how they could earn through recycling and the cooperative was on hand with the prices they pay for reclaimed materials.

WASSUP (Water Amenities and Sanitation Services Upgrade Programme) showed off the newly renovated communal toilets. Over the past few weeks they have been assisted in upgrading toilets, taps and drains, by Health Habitat and World Skills Foundation. The work included installing water metres and loggers to greater understand the water use in communal toilets. Impressive results have already been obtained as the toilets that were fixed use on average 2,700litres per day, and non-repaired facilities are using 8,400litres of water per day. This demonstrates how small interventions and basic maintenance can save our country’s water resources as well as money spent by tax payers.
The toilets got a colourful coat of paint from the Footballer4Life; working with a group of children from Muzomuhle Primary School they painted messages such as ‘Love yourself’ and ‘We are born free and equal’ and ‘respect your environment’, reminding everyone to keep the toilets and environment clean.
The Greater Kyalami Conservancy joined in the clean up and awareness campaign as did DACN (Diepsloot Arts and Culture Network) demonstrating some of their environmental awareness projects through the arts, such as graffiti artwork across the extension 1-2 pedestrian bridge which wrotes messages with children of caring for your environment, as well as selling ‘I love Diepsloot’ t-shirts. The Noweto Business Chamber, individuals and representatives of Diepsloot organisations also showed their support. All agreed that the day was a success and look forward to working as a collective in future. If you have an interest in environmental issues in and around Diepsloot, please send your details to to be informed of future events and networking opportunities.

2014-03-21 Human Rights Day press release