GEKCO input into Joburg 2014 IDP

GEKCO attended the discussion on the Integrated Development Plan for 2014/15 on the 12th of April 2014

The budget items for our area are:

Upgrade of bulk water main – Blue Hills

Floodline delineation and biodiversity verification to be carried out by the Dept of Environment and Infrastructure Services Department in the Blue Hills / Kyalami area

The issues put forward by GEKCO:

  •          Need to conduct an investigation into the capacity of the Northern Sewage Works
  •          Concern Northern Works is overcapacity, specifically with storm water and cannot cope with existing development let alone all of the proposed developments (Riversands, Diepsloot East, Steyn City, Diepsloot South, Retail Africa/Crowthorne, etc.)
  •          GEKCO has approached Joburg Water about the possibility of using this area as a pilot project for considering alternatives to piped sewage
  •          City must investigate impact of stormwater diversion on wetlands in the area
  •          Lack of electricity due to national crisis and added pressure of new development on the energy available.  Many developments such as retail and light industrial are not meeting the immediate needs of our country (Diepsloot residents still do not have safe adequate electrical supply).
  •          Crowthorne pump station requires adequate electricity to run second pump.  Storm water ingress causes failure of the pumps due to their location in the middle of a wetland.  This should be investigated and no further development approved to feed into the pump station.   This spillage affects wetlands in GEKCO through to the Diepsloot river.
  •          Scoping session has been conducted by town planner and there is a willingness of communities in the area to participate in and contribute to sustainable development
  •          Illegal dumping requires policing
  •          Need for garden refuse point to make compost and site provided for recycling of building rubble in Region A to prevent illegal dumping

Should you have further environmental concerns or suggestions for budget allocations for environmental improvements that you would like GEKCO to raise, please mail them to