GEKCO input into 25 year Provincial Transport Plan- 27/10/13


GEKCO gave input into the 25 year Integrated Transport Management Plan drafted by Gauteng Department of Transport:

With the increasing urbanization of the country and projected growth for Gauteng in particular, the next 25 years will be challenging and urgent interventions are required to alleviate poverty, to protect environmentally sensitive areas, to address issues such as water and air pollution, to mitigate climate change, and to ensure fair and equitable distribution of resources including modes of transport to its citizens.

There must be a bold new vision for the province where past injustices are addressed and the environment – which is a good indicator of the health and sustainability of our province, must be protected absolutely.  We would like to challenge Gauteng to taking bold, courageous steps toward creating a province which could lead not only the country, but the African continent in spatial planning for environmentally sustainable development.

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