Crime prevention day highlights poaching- 27 August 2013

SNARE WATCH: The Greater Kyalami Conservancy's Anton van Niekerk explains how to look out for snares.

SNARE WATCH: The Greater Kyalami Conservancy’s Anton van Niekerk explains how to look out for snares.

KYALAMI – Snaring animals in the Greater Kyalami Conservancy continues to be a big problem.

On 24 August, Midrand Community Police Forum’s Sector 4 Crime Forum hosted a crime prevention and awareness day in the sector, which spans the Greater Kyalami Conservancy, Riversands Farm, Kyalami Estates and Barbeque Downs.

Community members braved the cold morning to meet Midrand police, Midrand Community Police Forum Sector 4 members, Region A officials, members of Diepsloot’s Waste Buy-back Centre and Citizen Relations Urban Management officials. Security companies TRS and Nightguard also helped.

Personnel were seen on horseback and motorbikes, in vehicles and helicopters and on foot, scouring the fields for snares and on the lookout for criminal behaviour.

Midrand Sector 4 Crime Forum chairperson Takis Michalakis said, “Twelve people were detained for crimes ranging from possession of a stolen vehicle, drinking in public, being in South Africa without a permit, possession of drugs and dealing in drugs. At one of the roadblocks a suspicious silver Audi Q7 was picked up and it was later confirmed that the vehicle was stolen in Sandton.

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